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Specialised Securities

When it comes to the security for a loan, not all lenders will look at what you are offering in the same way. Different lenders will offer a different percentage of the value of the property you are offering as security. They will offer varying loan amounts depending on the property you are offering as the security. Moreover, some lenders will not even be willing to take property or assets as security at all.


The type of asset you are offering as security is important in order to get a loan. Every lender wants to ensure that the security you are offering can be sold quickly in case you have any trouble in repayments. Every financial institution wants to minimise the level of risk by ensuring that the value of the security you are offering will not fluctuate too much in the future.


However, you do not want lenders to offer you loans that do not meet your requirements. So, this is where Comfort Retire Investment Services comes into the picture. We have a team of highly experienced dedicated mortgage brokers. Our mortgage brokers are familiar with all kinds of specialised securities. Not only that, but at Comfort Retire Investment Services, we also have a relationship with several financial institutions. Hence, we can help you find a loan offer that will meet your requirements.

Some common types of specialised securities include;

  • Vacant land
  • Company title property
  • Studio apartments
  • Flood-affected property
  • Multiple units on one title
  • Retirement units
  • Holiday rental property, e.g., hotels, motels, etc.
  • Service stations, childcare centres, parking stations, etc.


For more details about specialised security property, give us a call today!

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