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Self Managed Superfund Loans

The self-managed super fund is the best way to manage your funds in superannuation. A self-managed super fund gives you the freedom to choose how to invest these funds and gain maximum benefits. Self-managed super fund has given people the freedom of controlling their funds by themselves, avoiding large corporate public funds.


However, in order to protect your retirement savings, some major rules and regulations have been placed to govern your superannuation management. In the past, you could not use your super fund to borrow funds for investment. However, now you can utilise your superfunds, including the self-managed super fund, to borrow more funds. You can use these borrowed funds to invest in real estate or purchase shares to enhance your investment.


Although you can use your super funds to borrow money, there are some restrictions regarding structuring the transactions. Not only these restrictions, but there are various complex issues regarding capital gain tax, loan products, and stand duty involved. Hence, it would be best to take guidance from professional and expert mortgage consultants and legal advisers to ensure optimal outcomes.


So, if you want your employer to make 9% super payments on your behalf for your investment, then using superannuation funds for investment can be a great option. If you need guidance regarding self-managed superfund loans or have any queries, get in touch with Comfort Retire Investment Services. At Comfort Retire Investment Services, our expert mortgage consultants can provide you with the perfect advice for your superannuation funds investment.

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