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Self-Employed and Non-Conforming

Self-Employed and Non-Conforming Loans

Not everyone can get a standard home loan. You can have specific needs or a complex financial situation. The financial situation is often complex for the self-employed, with business and personal finances often linked together. It can lead to not getting the standard home loan.


Moreover, there are chances that you might have a poor credit history or not enough documentation to support your home loan application. In such cases, Comfort Retire Investment Services PTY LTD can help you. Whether you are self-employed with a complex financial situation, have a poor credit history, or need to borrow more than the property value, we can help.


Whatever your situation is, Comfort Retire Investment Services PTY LTD can help you find the perfect home loan product. We have various loan products available from different financial institutions to meet your requirements. Give us a call today at 1300 33 66 69 to book your appointment and let us help you with your unique loan requirements.

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