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Property Investment

Investing in property is the most effective and safest way to enhance your wealth.

It comes with tangible evidence of your investment and can also earn you money in the form of rental income. Moreover, you can also get tax concessions if you invest in property. Hence, property investment is the best choice to build wealth.

Property Investment Tips & Tricks

Is it easier if I already own a property?

If you own a property, things get easier. You already have an idea of the process involved in purchasing a property. You can purchase a property for investment without any difficulty.

You can utilise the equity in your owned property to finance the property investment. Utilising the property to finance the investment is a better option than a personal loan. It is a cost-effective option to help get a loan at a lower interest rate.

Negative Gearing*

Negative gearing occurs when the expenses incurred on your rental property are more than the income received from that property. In some cases, the Australian Taxation Office will allow you to offset the loss incurred from the rental property against other incomes.


Expenses incurred 10,000
Rent Received 8,000
Tax Deduction 2,000

*Negative gearing applies differently in different situations. It is wise to consult your tax adviser to see your situation.

Seek Independent Financial Advice

When it comes to property investment, you need to seek independent advice. If you are planning property investment as a retirement plan, tax benefits, or capital growth, it would be best to research thoroughly. You need to learn as much as possible about investment plans and seek professional advice.


Comfort Retire Investment Services PTY LTD can provide you with the best property and financial advice. Get in touch with our professional and experienced consultants today and plan your property investment.

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